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Welcome to CMS 8th Grade Math.  We will have a great year learning math using various techniques, including an emphasis on computer on-line learning which is a significant part of a new educational approach called Blended Learning.  This approach is an effective way for students to learn directly from their teacher and group activities, as well as independently through various on-line learning software systems that offer the student additional resources beyond traditional classroom instruction and can be accessed at home.

.  Below is an overall summary of what you can expect from our 8th Grade math class this year.

  • Learning new skills and ideas, along with real-world connections.
  • Communicating and sharing knowledge and ideas with partners, groups, and the whole class.
  • Performing activities and independent practice with online math software and on paper.
  • Taking Cornell and Guided notes during direct instruction, along with completing guided and independent practice problems to improve skills and knowledge.
  • Using various software online for tests, quizzes, assignments, and exit slips.